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Ahhh, I see you are interested in knowing more about Rainbow Rex. It all began in 2015 after the US Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is legal across the United States. At this time, there was a rainbow emblem overlay on Alex’s 2015 WRX. This is what sparked the name of the Oregon business, Rainbow Rex.

Rainbow Rex is focused on creating premium aftermarket accessory for bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. The goal of Rainbow Rex is to create safer roads for cyclists, motorcyclists, and auto enthusiasts. Our products are designed to provide value, ease of use, and be a way for you to add a new style dynamic to your bicycle, motorcycle, and/or auto.

Our designs are inspired by concept art, video game art, and 1960’s art. We want our products to have a visual appeal that bridges the gap between fantasy and reality.

Everyone falls somewhere along the spectrum. Share the roads. Be compassionate. Represent Rainbow Rex and civility.


Alex is from Oregon and graduated from Willamette University with a degree in biology. After completing his degree, he decided to take the opportunity to start his own business instead of enrolling in Willamette University’s MBA program. Even though he is not enrolled in the MBA program, he still reads the MBA and supporting textbooks for continued learning.

Alex is primarily a car enthusiasts with his modified WRX. Second from that, he has a newer Diverge that he uses on weekends to relax.

What’s most important to Alex is quality of life. Alex’s perspective on liberty promotes an atmosphere of freedom, which is rooted in Rainbow Rex. Alex has endured cancer twice and lost family to cancer. Time, quality, and self-expression is very important to him.

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